Since our beginnings in 1990 we are on an incessant search for novel solutions that positively impact our clients. Creativity and attention to detail have been a part of our business philosophy. We are proud to look back to a variety of innovative solutions – from implementing small improvements to executing bigger ideas. We challenge ourselves to excell in everything we do.



An uncompromising quality has always been at the heart of our business philosophy. Wide scope of experience in machine construction, stringent quality control throughout all stages of production process and high quality built-in components guarantee highly reliable equipment that performs well under heavy-duty use. Past experience shows a 98 % up-time.

Our customers are at the center of our focus. We are dedicated in building mutual trust so we pay attention and listen carefully to understand exactly customer’s challenges. Satisfied customer is what really makes all our effort worthwile.

AirLess Sleeve wrapping machines

They are a unique alternative to pneumatic semi-automatic sleeve wrappers because they operate without pneumatic components. No compressed air is needed to keep cost of installation and operation at a low level. They are a suitable choice when: packaging about 4 to 8 packs per minute. Machines are constructed with three levels of equipment(Classic, Plus, Advance) and four sizes. They are manufactured with focus on detail. Precise quality control and testing before shipping guarantee a reliable performance. Proven standard components enable low maintenance costs. For over 20 years these machines have been successfully performing in demanding industrial environments under heavy duty use.