Tubular belt conveyors

The RE-RGF series tubular belt conveyor is a transporting system that allows to save on operating costs and energy consumption. Special belt coating ensures an economical transportation of bulk material at long distances.

The special tubular conveyor design ensures its high load-carrying capability and the distance between supports can be up to 50 meters.

The conveyor is produced in the form of separate modules, which allows to modify its configuration on the place of installation.

A fundamentally new conveyors series RE-RGFO

The new Rudnick & Enners Company conveyors type is the RGFO series – it is a tubular belt conveyor with removable casing. Such modernization (the intellectual property right is protected!) simplifies access to the conveyor surface in that way greatly simplifying its servicing and repair.

Tubular belt conveyors are used for:

  • pellets (the predominant feature of such conveyors is a soft impact on the transported material)
  • wood chip
  • sawdusts
  • chip
  • bark
  • and other bulk materialsв