All RUF Lignum R models are highly energy efficient thanks to their innovative RUF hydraulic system. The further improvement of the hydraulic system of the Lignum R has led to an efficiency increase of around 25%. This is one of the biggest benefits - less power consumption per capacity.

The different model are equipped with motors ranging between 22 – 75 kW. The hydraulic system creates a specific pressing power of more than 1700 kg/cm2 during the briquetting process and thereby ensures a constantly high briquette quality, even in fully automatic 24h operation. A unique automatic control and briquet size adjustment system allows you to achieve the constant size and weight of the briquettes you need, depending on the material density, as the system automatically adjusts material feed to obtain the required briquet size. This will give you savings in the future - stable size of briquette.

RUF LIGNUM R series presses are designed for wood briquetting. The throughput capacity of the RUF LIGNUM R series ranges between 485 – 670 kg/h.

Брикетирующие системы RUF

Additional options for a fee:

  • Hardened mold for abrasive material (bark, chips with sand etc.)
  • Heater for hydraulic tank (for area where temperature below 10 degree)
  • Heater for switch cabinet (for area where temperature below 10 degree)
  • Piston with your company Logo (can produce briquette with your logo)
  • Door inside hopper with security switch (inspection door which stop working of press during inspecting inside hopper)