Briquetting of wood and other organic materials

Rudnick & Enners supplies both briquetting separate parts and assembled "turn-key ready" units. The all production equipment delivery is from the single supplier, the Rudnick & Enners Company, ensures a wide advantages range for the end customer. For example, the devices integration necessity from different suppliers can be minimized. Thanks to the coordinated connection of production equipment from the single manufacturer all components fit optimally to each other. This allows the end user to reduce costs and improve the the plant design efficiency.


  • Debarking
    Wood of various breeds and grades
  • Shredder
    Round timber, obapoles, slats or other wood waste
  • Screening
    To ensure the necessary grain size
  • Shredder for wet waste
    To obtain a material structure suitable for drying
  • Dryer
    To obtain the desired final humidity
  • Briquetting
    For the ensuring of wood briquettes high quality
  • Packing
    For high efficiency of storage and transportation