Automation of manufacturing processes

SIA RMP sell not only equipment and provides service for it but offers our customers engineering solutions for industrial waste (metal and wood) too. SIA RMP design and install special technological equipment and auxiliary equipment for automation of technological processes.

A large part of the factory equipment components assembly make mechanical only 15-20%, other components assembled manually. The automatic fitting used only about 6-7% of all types of assembly. Therefore, SIA RMP want that any company production is balanced and effective. The aim in our work to reduce process time, element of labour and cost, human fatigue and risks, and to improve the production rate and quality. The full automation includes all aspects of manufacturing such as loading and unloading, production, material handling, services, handling of information, sensing and correction of errors, process control, inspection, etc.

An example of our professional and generative work is by RMP independently embodied project of development a new product. This product is an automatic “RUF type” RMP-PL packing line of rectangular briquettes. In process of developing this product, our company has passed all stages of the implementation of the new equipment, including design, installation and testing.